Fruit Purees for Your Little One

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Homemade fruit purees are filled with essential vitamins and nutrients for your baby. Unlike store bought jarred fruit purees, homemade fruit purees are safe, hygienic and the best option to add variety and flavor to your little one’s meal. He/she who’s just started on solids will love the exciting colors and flavors and enjoy every bit of it. Here are a few ideas.

– Baby Applesauce

Mild, sweet applesauce made from red apples is a popular first fruit for babies. Most babies enjoy it, and it’s filled with vitamin C and fiber. Plus, studies suggest that apples might offer powerful protection against asthma. All you have to do is blend clean cubed apples with a bit of lukewarm water.

– Banana Puree

Potassium rich bananas are another ideal first fruit for babies. Banana puree can help soothe upset tummies and combat diarrhea. Get ripe bananas and blend them into a puree (always check for lumps before feeding your baby).

– Pear Puree

Sweet fiber-rich pear is hard for many babies to resist. It’s also a delicious way to make certain veggies more appealing. So if you’re having trouble feeding veggies to your little one, add a bit of pureed pear along with the veggies.

– Avocado Puree

Packed with omega-3s, avocado puree is quick to fix and it’s a hit because of its rich creamy texture.

– Mango Puree

This luscious fruit has lots of vitamin A, and it’s especially easy to make since you don’t have to cook it before pureeing it. Baby’s find the color very appealing and the sweet & sour taste will be a new experience for his/her palette.

– Papaya Puree

Another juicy fruit, papaya is filled with folate and is an easy, no-cook puree that can add flavor to your little one’s meal time. You can serve this alone or mixed with banana.

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