What Is New Born Baby Acne and How to Get Rid Of It

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Infant acne is very common and will go away though it may take a while. No one knows for sure the cause of infant acne, which usually begins at 2 to 3 weeks and can often last until a baby is 4 to 6 months old. It is most likely the result of your hormones still circulating in your baby’s system from pregnancy. Those tiny blemishes can also be attributed to her immature sweat glands and easily-clogged pores.

How to Treat Baby Acne?

  • Don’t scrub, pick or otherwise treat it. Just wash it with water two or three times daily, then pat it dry.
  • As for natural baby acne remedies, breast milk is nature’s wonderful food that can also be the best medicine, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Aside from easing cradle cap and clogged tear ducts, some mothers find breast milk can help clear up newborn acne. It’s free and always on hand, so there’s no reason not to try rubbing a little wherever baby has acne if you’re breastfeeding.

How to use:

1.      Clean affected area with warm water and mild soap

2.      Express some milk onto your palm or a sterilized container

3.      Use a cotton pad to dab some breast milk onto the affected area and allow it to dry

4.      Do this several times a day until the acne clears up


Use baby powder (prickly heat powder / normal baby powder)

Baby Powder also referred to as talcum powder can also be used to treat baby acne because it has the ability to dry out skin without clogging pores. Be sure to check out for the drying ingredient which can either be talc or cornstarch.

How to use:

1.      Simply clean and dry the affected area

2.      Sprinkle small amounts of baby powder into the palm of your hand

3.      Use fingertips to gently rub it on the face or body

4.      You can repeat this every time you bathe your baby until the acne is gone

The good news with baby acne is that it will clear up within a few months, leaving no lasting marks which mean your little one will have baby perfect skin in no time.

Keep in mind:

  •  If you think that the baby acne has got infected and is irritating your baby or if your baby gets a temperature along with the acne, do make note to consult your pediatrician.
  • DO NOT use organic oils, acne creams and other medications without consulting your pediatrician.

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