Toddler Milestones

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There are many milestones that all parents look forward to throughout their children’s lives. The younger your child, the faster these milestones may seem to arrive. Below are some of those milestones and when they will happen in your child’s life from 0-24 months.

0-3 Months
The first three months are all about eating, sleeping and crying. But you can also look forward to your baby lifting his/her head, Making silly sounds and giving you the dashing first laugh and smile.
• Control and lift head
• First smile / Laugh
• Make first sounds

3-6 Months
A baby’s personality is blooming during this time. When he/she is not taking in the surroundings, he/ she’s focused on captivating his/her audience with coos, giggles, squeals and babbles.
• Roll over
• Sit up
• Eat solid foods
6-9 Months99
She/he is probably mobile, trying new food, playing new games and trying to connect and communicate with all the smiling faces around him/her.
• Standing up
• hand and finger skills
• wave, clap, point

9-12 Months
Your baby is on the move now. Crawling, pulling up, may be even walking. He/She’s trying to communicate first by pointing and then trying to say those words.
• Say first words
• first birthday
• understand words

13-18 Months
These few months will be packed with fabulous ‘firsts’. Fast paced growth, development and exploration.
• Take first steps
• Use a cup
• Intentionally move objects

18-24 Months
Your baby will start talking. She/he will be more aware of the surroundings and will be trying to perfect his/her walking skills.
• Run, jump and more
• Play pretend games
• Use utensils to eat