Tips To Celebrate Valentines with Your Baby

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It’s your baby’s first Valentine’s Day, so make it one to remember.

Send Some Baby Love

It’s so cute to make Valentines cards and send them out to your baby’s favorite loved ones. Ex: grandparents, aunts and uncles, tiny baby friends. After all, who wouldn’t want to receive a love note from your adorable little one? Create cards of your own design and you can personalize it with a cute picture of your baby or a family picture.

Take Dad to Lunch

If daddy works while you’re at home, make plans for a special lunch or dinner date with you and your baby. A mid-shift visit from his baby girl or boy will brighten his day and make Valentine’s Day extra special for everyone.

Red, White and Pink It Up

Of course you’ll want to dress your little one in the colors of the day. Stores will be filled with special Valentine’s-themed outfits, or just go shopping in your baby’s drawers for outfits in shades of red, white, and pink (even if it’s a little boy).

Start Something Growing

Start a seedling in a small pot indoors to symbolize the love you have for your baby. Choose something you can relocate. Buy a sweet potted plant that you can nurture with the same heart you do your baby. You and your little one can watch it grow together.

Make Handprint Art

Preserve the memory of your baby’s tiny hands and feet through handprint art. You can go simple with a painted print or make a plaster print for something more ambitious and permanent.

Write a Love Letter

You didn’t know you could love anything so much, now’s the time to pour all of that adoration into a letter to reread to your baby on Valentine’s Days in the future. It’s something you will both treasure forever.