Time Saving Secrets for a Working Mom

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When you a working mom there never seems to be enough time to complete all your tasks. Everywhere you look you will feel like there’s always plenty to do. Here are a few tips to save some time for yourself while you complete all your tasks.

Task: Feeding the Family

– On the weekend take some time to whip up some make-ahead freezer meals so that dinner is only a freezer away on busy weeknights.

– Doubling the amount of food you make for a meal and freezing half of it for another time is very helpful.

– Plan your breakfast and lunch ideas in advance to save time when meal times arrive, prepare breakfasts a day ahead so that your family can get their own breakfast ready while you are doing something else.


Task: Housework

– Dividing the chores up between everyone in the house is a smart time saver.

– Clean out your refrigerator to keep an inventory on what you have, and put items on your grocery list that you need so that you don’t waste time.

– Don’t let things stack up; make sure that you keep up with your daily chores because they will multiply otherwise.


Task: Workday Strategies

– Only check your e-mail twice a day so that you can focus on your work without constantly being distracted (this applies only if you’re working from home).

– Categorize your e-mails so that you know what needs to be done with them.

– Determine when you are at your best during the day and plan to do your hardest tasks during that time.

– Look at what you’ve accomplished during the week and see what’s left on your ‘To Do’ list on Friday to stay on top of things for the following week.


Task: Managing ‘At Home’ Responsibilities

– Set your bills up to pay automatically or schedule them through your bank so that you don’t have to set aside time to pay them.

– Don’t rely on your memory; make lists and prioritize the items so that you know what has to get done that day.

– Use time spent waiting to pick up the kids from school, day care to do things like clean out your house/car, write cards or plan your menus.


Task: Staying Healthy and Beautiful

– Make sure that you get enough sleep. Being well rested will help you be more productive the next day and you can get more done in less time.

– Save time in the morning by adopting a 5-minute face routine.

– Create a make-up area in your bathroom or bedroom where you can lay out your make-up instead of digging around in a bag looking for things.

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