Threenagers: Why they’re harder than The ‘Terrible Twos’

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Parents of two year old toddlers often say that their quite hard to handle and can leave the parents running around to control them all day. You would think this until your baby turns three, when your toddler hits ‘three’ you will realize that the ‘Terrible two’ was a walk in the park.

When your child turns three then all of a sudden you’re in the deep end. That sweet little two year old who would sit nicely at restaurants and other public places, and understood ‘no’ just vanishes. In exchange you will have a three year old who will be lovely and adorable one minute, terrifyingly awful the next.

Here are a few things you should get ready for –

– Threenagers Can Tell You What’s Wrong

Three year olds are much better at communicating. Whereas with your two year old you were left guessing what could be the matter, a three year old can tell you what’s wrong with everything all the time, at first its fine but when it becomes a ritual you might want to scream, so make sure you count from one to ten and keep your patience meter intact.

– They Have Razor Sharp Tongues

Two year olds are pretty good at making you feel unloved. Don’t expect to get any kisses or cuddles when you’ve upset them. Three year olds might make you cry because they can communicate their tantrums when you don’t give in. If your little one hurts you try not to react to that, understand that you’re baby is growing up.

– You’re More Sleep Deprived Than You Were A Year Ago

Your child might be waking up less frequently these days, so you may be managing to catch some uninterrupted hours of sleep. But don’t get too attached to your bed, because they’ll be wide awake by about 5am. They won’t play quietly in the room for a few hours before coming to find you. As soon as they open their eyes they’ll be climbing on your tummy and demanding milk or food. So be ready for that.

– Threenagers Don’t Want Your Help

Remember when your child was two? He/she would try to do something around the house and would ask for help if he/she wanted to. It was lovely watching him/her become more independent but still needed you. When they hit ‘three’ they want to do everything by themselves, and do not want to ask for your help. There will be lots of things your child can’t do on his/her own yet like button up a jumper properly or tie shoelaces, but you’ll be forced to standby and leave them to it. Know that this is how they learn, you might feel left out but it’s something you will need to get used to.

Children grow up faster than you expect, once your child turns three for you she/he will still be your little baby but for them their more independent and can do things on their own. What you as a parent can do is to discipline them when you should and keep an eye out for them to keep them safe. There will be times when you miss your little one who cuddled you 24/7, always know that this change is your baby growing up and that it doesn’t mean that they love you any less.