Taking Care of Your Toddler’s Eyes

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An infant’s eyesight grows on a daily basis from the day he/she was born. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your baby’s precious eyes.

Clean with care

The skin around toddler eyes is extra thin and sensitive, so be extra gentle with the facewashing routine. Lightly rub, never scrub around your toddler’s eyes during toddler bath time. If you notice dried up residue on your baby’s eyelashes, moisten a soft washcloth with lukewarm water and gently remove the crust.

Make sure checkups include a toddler eye exam

Visits to the pediatrician are important for a lot of reasons, including keeping an eye on the health of your toddler’s eyes. Tell your pediatrician if you notice your child is having difficulty with his/her eyes. Perhaps he/she doesn’t seem tosee things others can from the same distance, or squints frequently, or his/her eyes look crossed at times. The doctor will take a look at your toddler’s eyes and if necessary, refer you to an ophthalmologist for a more in depth exam.

Protect eyes from injury

While child injuries that damage toddler eyes and eyelids are rare, prevention is always the better option. If you haven’t already childproofed your home now’s the time to look around for toddler-height hazards. Ex: Sharp corners on your coffee table or shelves that stick out from the wall, cushion what you can and conduct a search-and-remove mission for other potential eye-pokers, like pencils, pens, sticks, and toys with rods or sharp edges.

Always keep your baby at a safe distance when you’re mowing the lawn or working with tools that create flying dust. Store household cleaners and other toxic substances out of your toddler’s reach.

Shade your toddler’s eyes from the sun

Make sure you protect your toddler’s eyes from UV rays. Too much sun can make him/her squint with discomfort and could even cause cataracts later. Shield his/her eyes with a wide brimmed hat or baseball cap or a pair of toddler shades that are unbreakable. Consider a kid-sized sports band to keep his/her shades in place as he/she plays around in the sun.

Source: www.whattoexpect.com