Preparing Your Child for the New School Year

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It’s the end of 2015. Your little toddler has grown up and is getting ready to enter play school or Pre-school in the New Year. It’ll be a whole new experience for you both. Here are a few tips on how to get ready for a new school year with your little one.

• First day at school for mommy
Your little one has been around you for such a long time day in and day out. Now he/she is ready to step out into the world. This is definitely an emotional experience for mommy. You will miss your little one dearly, even if it’s for a couple of hours. Try not to show your emotions in front of him/her as this might make them not want to leave you. Be encouraging and tell your toddler that you will be just around the corner if he/she needs you.
Once he/she’s settled in take care of your emotions and try to think of all the positive things school will bring to their lives. It will take a little bit of time but eventually you and your baby will adapt to this change.

• First day at school for baby
The first day at play school/preschool is tough for any child. Children are very strongly attached to their mothers and will not want to spend any time apart from them. Your baby will fuss to go in, he/she will cry, at this moment you need to be the strong party and encourage your baby by talking of all the positive things he/she will see and feel at school.

• Be with your baby and settle him in class.

• Embrace your child and say that you love him.

• Ensure that your baby knows that you will be around always in case he needs you. (This will make them feel safe and not alone).

Tips that will help your little one settle in
• Make arrangements for your baby to spend more time with his/her class mates. Ex: arrange play dates.

• When your baby is home from school interact with him/her. Ask about what they learnt, how many new friends he/she made and be very interested in what your child says. This will help him/her feel good and look forward to another day at school.

• Set up a nice meal when your baby comes home with some of his favorite snacks. He will look forward to this every day after school.

• Once your baby is home spend a lot of time with her. Show love and affection to take away the sad feelings you both have from being apart. This will make your baby feel, loved and happy. And ensure that ‘school’ is not so bad after all.