Planning a ‘Date Night’ After a Baby

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Date nights are fun. When you’re in a relationship, it’s a great way to bond and build your relationship to the next level. However after marriage and kids couples tend to stray away from spending time together. We agree that with a child it is difficult to find ‘alone time’, so here are a few ways to keep your love blooming even after a baby.

Plan a get together
It’s good to have friends around to make you feel like you’re still not off the grid. Invite a couple of friends for after dinner drinks and dessert. If they have kids they could bring them along. The little ones can sleep in a bedroom while the adults enjoy some grown up good times.

Bond over a movie/ favorite TV series
Once the baby’s asleep, break out the chips, snacks, and your favorite beverage then snuggle in with your partner to enjoy your favorite movie or TV program together.

Sweat It Out
Fitness can also be a couple’s thing. Slip on those matching headbands and pop in an exercise DVD to get in a quick workout together. Afterwards, grab two spoons and a pint of your favorite ice cream and toast yourselves.

Cooking Together
Get romantic in the kitchen by cooking together, preferably something you both love and couldn’t have in a long time. Open a bottle of wine and catch up while chopping, sautéing and steaming. Then savor your meal, and each other, by candlelight.

The all time favorite BBQ for two
Find yourself a family member or friend who can sit your baby for a night. Pull out the BBQ grill and your favorite meats. There’s something so joyful about the simple act of grilling. Throw some kebabs on the grill and relax together with a drink and appetizers while they cook. (You can call your sitter periodically for updates about your baby).

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