Parents’ Duty

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Teach Your Kids the True Meaning of Christmas by Acts of Kindness

Christmas is all about sharing joy, peace and love with everyone. This is a season that everyone takes a moment to give to the needy. As parents it is important to practice this tradition in your homes for your children to become familiar with it as they grow up.

Teach your kids the importance of giving. They should understand from a younger age that ‘sharing is caring’, especially during this season. If you practice the art of giving while your kids are toddlers, they’re soon going to understand the importance of it.

How to teach your kids acts of kindness during the season

• While Christmas shopping, get a few extra toys, wrap them up and give it to your kids to share with less fortunate children in your neighbourhood.
• Kids are very emotional they will tell you about children who are in need in their preschool, school etc. Make a point of this and buy the required items and give it to your child to gift it to the needy children. This act of kindness will make your child happy especially when he/she sees another child happy.
• Take your kids to an orphanage in your area with food, toys, and gifts and share these as a family with the orphaned children this Christmas. Let your children see how blessed they are and that it is a wonderful thing to share their blessings with as many as possible.
• Never ignore a cry or need of a street child, man, woman when you’re with your children. Always set an example as parents. Teach them that it is a duty of all to share with the less fortunate.
Remember that children follow the footsteps of elders. Therefore always set a good example.