Moms Have A Restful Weekend This Week

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Are you a working mom? Had a very long tiring week? Then a relaxing weekend is just what you need. Here are few ways to have a relaxing weekend to get you geared up for the new work week ahead.

Note: Our bodies require ‘rest’ to be healthy. The negative impacts of stress range from tight muscles and irritability to increased risk of chronic diseases such as heart conditions. Rather than considering a day of rest a luxury, you should consider it a necessity.

– Stop sleeping late

When we know it’s the weekend we tend to make Friday the day we stay up late. Sleeping late in the night will make you sleep more in the morning, robbing away your valuable time to get out there and make the most of your weekend.

It will also end up interfering with your sleep schedule during the rest of the week, making you even more exhausted. Make sure to have a warm glass of milk ‘non fat’ or otherwise. This will help you sleep better.

– Stop working

‘Easier said than done’, as a mother you will see yourself running around to do something or the other even during the weekend. Try and avoid this by planning out your week, arrange a sitter or a family member if you have a toddler, do your shopping earlier, arrange things for cooking during the week, basically transform from the ‘work version’ of yourself into the ‘happy, relaxed ‘version as you step into the weekend.

– Unplug from social media and Smartphone’s

Everyone today is on social media every minute of the day. It has become more than a habit, almost like an addiction. You will see yourself roaming around online for no useful reason but just because you’re used to it. ‘STOP!’ use this time to relax and get pampered for the week ahead. Unplug and switch off all social media devices and step out, go to a park or garden with your family or by yourself, have a picnic or just breathe some fresh air.

– Fight the ‘Sunday blues’

So ‘Sunday’ is here, it’s hard for you to enjoy the weekend because you’re dreading the work week that lies ahead. Remember, you’re wasting an entire day of your weekend every single time you do this. Instead of spending your whole ‘Sunday’ thinking about ‘Monday’ allow your Sunday to be chill and enriching. Know that these two days are for you.  Make them different and special and allow yourself to have a relaxing weekend with yourself and with your family.