Is Your Child Bored? 4 Tips to Bust the Boredom

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In today’s world, it is no surprise that we are raising children who need to be kept occupied every minute of every day. Long gone are the days where children used their imaginations to keep themselves busy while parents worked, rested or tended to household duties. Today we pack countless toys and other gadgets everywhere we go, surrender our phones to our children just to keep themselves occupied. Here’s to a change

– Don’t immediately react by providing your child with a device

 Rather than rewarding a complaining child with a device or toy of some sort, empathize with your child by saying, “I know it’s no fun when you’re bored. Sometimes I get bored too! But I’m sure you can come up with something to solve the problem.” This puts the responsibility back on the child to find something to do. If your child continues to complain about being bored, suggest some “quiet time” where the child can lay on a bed or sit in a room reading by himself. Most children will choose to find another option.

– Plan ahead

Sit down with your child during a period when he/she is not feeling bored and ask him/her to come up with a list of things he/she really likes to do. For example, he/she may come up with coloring, playing with a certain toy, taking the dog for a walk etc.

So the next time your child is bored? No problem! Pull out the list and let him/her choose one of the previously discussed activities.

– Give tasks that will help your child feel important and helpful

Most parents know that giving chores to a small child to complete can sometimes turn into more work for the parent. However, it’s important for your child to feel like he/she is helping out around the house sometimes. This will also keep him occupied while you are trying to complete your own household duties. Come up with a list of jobs that don’t require a lot of supervision, such as wiping the dishes or watering plants etc.

– Stop what you’re doing for a few minutes and have a conversation

Many times, when a child is complaining about being bored, what he/she is really saying is she wants attention. Sometimes just stopping what you are doing and having a ten minute conversation will fill him/her with love which is enough so she moves on to another activity. Make sure you are fully present and focused on your child, without being distracted by your phone or computer.