Create Your Baby’s First Library

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Previously we spoke about the important role that books play in the early learning and development stage of a child’s life. If your infant and toddler loves books or if you want to create an atmosphere that would help your child build a liking towards reading, there is nothing better than building his/her own small library. Here’s what you should do.

Building a library is easy if you have a small space or room in your home which is connected or close to your baby room or play area.

  • Paint the room in your baby’s favorite color or preferably in pink/blue/yellow or white.
  • Be creative, hang a few pictures, wall stickers to make it a place where your baby would love to spend time in.
  • Make sure the area is always clean with no furniture with pointy edges that can harm your child. Leave the space empty as much as possible.
  • Add a big bean bag or arrange the floor with padded carpet so that your child can choose whether he/she wants to lay down or sit and go through his/her favorite book.
  • You can leave a few of your toddler’s favorite snacks there as well. (

Note: Never leave your child unattended.

Books you should add to your baby’s library

– My First Peanuts: ABC: An Alphabet Adventure
   Author: Charles Schulz

– Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA
   Author:  Jimmy Fallon

– Ten Tiny Toes
   Author: Caroline Jayne Church

– Henry Finds His Word
   Author: Lindsay Ward 

– Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
   Author: Caroline Jayne Church

– Open the Barn Door (A Flap Book)
   Author: Christopher Santoro

– My Big Animal Book
   Author: Roger Priddy 

These are just a few examples, you must already know what your baby likes to see and read so fill the library with all the books your baby would love. Make sure there’s variety. You can also play some nursery rhymes while your baby picks out books.

If your baby loves to draw, then get some coloring books and crayons where your baby would get to be creative.

Note: Remember that this is your child’s space; do not stop him/her from experimenting or exploring as that will affect their growth. This room can get messy; remember that it’s how your baby expresses him/herself and that you need to allow it for their betterment.