Pamper Yourself before the New Arrival

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Most women agree that the last few weeks of pregnancy are the most difficult. Your belly is huge, at least a little bit uncomfortable, and ready to have this baby and be done with it! To make up for the utter agony of all this, and to alleviate the boredom that comes with waiting, it’s important to spoil yourself as much as possible during this time. Because once that baby comes out, it quickly becomes all about him or her. Here are some ideas for pampering yourself pre-birth.

• Indulge your taste buds
Maybe you’ve been trying to keep your eating clean and healthy during your pregnancy, which is great. But if there’s ever a time that you get a chocolate craving, please do indulge. Just make sure you don’t go overboard.

• Hit the salon
Make an appointment for a quick trim before your baby arrives. Don’t go crazy, now is not the time to chop off your long flowing locks. Especially since you’re likely to lose some body and thickness after you give birth. Just trim your bangs and reshape the rest. Even taking off a tiny bit will help you feel lighter and look better. Plus you’ll be glad you did once your baby arrives and you’re on diaper and feeding duty 24/7 with no time for yourself.

• Move around
You think you just want to sit on the couch, but fitting in some movement every day will make you feel so much better. It helps alleviate lower-back pain and reduce the tightness you feel.

• Buy yourself something
Now’s the time to treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting. Most moms put their material wants and needs on the back burner once their baby arrives. So get yourself something your heart truly desires now. Think of it as a pre-baby present to yourself.