Mommy’s Time Out – How to Deal with Stress

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In our article last week we spoke about how a new mom can unwind and relax while taking care of her baby and family. Today we will talk about ‘stress’ and how to deal with it.
Stress is a permanent uninvited guest when you have a new born baby. Your baby will need your attention day and night and so will your family. There will be times that you feel you cannot handle the pressure of it all anymore and just feel like giving up. However, as a mother, giving up is never an option. So you need to learn how to handle the stressful situations on a daily basis so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. Here are a few healthy ways to calm yourself and take some time out when you feel like it’s all becoming a bit too much to handle.

• Stroll down memory lane
The next time you’re about to reach the ‘lose-it’ point, count to ten and take a walk down memory lane, by going through pictures of your baby’s memorable days. When stressed we tend to forget the good things. This will help put a smile on your face.

• Drink Before You Think
A warm beverage is known to calm and slow you down. The next time you’re too stressed, sit down with a warm cup of your favorite tea and breathe. Don’t think about anything, just enjoy that moment of peace and quiet. You will find this practice very effective and healthy.

• Take a walk
The moment you feel that you’re about to lose your temper with your child or a family member, walk out the door and take a walk. Bursting out at someone in anger is something you will regret later. Therefore, taking a step back and walking it out is a great way to calm yourself and de-stress.

• Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
This might not sound like a very healthy option on a daily basis. But sometimes you just need it. Dark chocolate is known to help you calm down. It is also a healthier option when it comes to chocolates. Dark chocolate is supposed to stimulate and release endorphins that helps you de-stress.

• Look on the Bright Side
Being optimistic helps reduce the stress hormones that take on your body. We understand that this might be something that’s easier said than done. But it is important that you see the good in every bad, as that’s what keeps you going. When you’re too stressed to handle a situation, think of something good that you can look forward to. It can be a fun activity, a financial gain, or even a weekend getaway. Whatever it is, focus on that and de-stress.