Mental Stages of Labour – Step By Step

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As a mother-to-be you must have heard and read about the different physical stages of labour, but may not have learned about the mental stages of labour. According to studies, most women go through these mental stages during labour.

Mental Labour Stage #1:

“Oh my goodness, thisis it! A contraction, is it? Yes, yes it definitely is! I’m in labour. Oh my, I’m about to meet my baby. I’m about to PUSH OUT a baby. Can I do this? Yes. Ok. Calm down. Breathe. (Action stations) Better ring him and ask him to rush home from work. And I’d better ring my mum and let her know and my best friend for sure. I’m so excited. And, actually, contractions aren’t so bad after all”.

Mental Labour Stage #2:

“Why have they stopped? Err, it mustn’t have been labour after all. They do say you will know when you’re in labour, and I suppose it didn’t really hurt so maybe that should have been a clue. How much are these contractions going to hurt? I mean, people wouldn’t say I’d know unless the crippling pain was going to tip me off. Oh, I am really not sure I can do this. Should I ring my husband and let him know it’s not labour and he should stay at work?”

Mental Labour Stage #3:

“Total Panic Oh my goddess, what was that? That can’t be it, can it? It’s too intense. Is this it? Is it?? I don’t know, why don’t I know? Am I not supposed to know if I’m in labour? I am already a terrible mother. What would I use to cut the cord? Should I sterilize some nail scissors? OH! My God!  I’M HAVING A BABY.

Mental Labour Stage #4:

Time to Focus Calm down;Think about this…So, this is it. Is it? ‘ERR’, I’m just going to assume it is, I am probably having a baby. Maybe?Probably?Definitely?Breathebreathebreathe! Don’t panic. Yes, I’m definitely having a baby. I have plenty of time to get to the hospital.

Mental LaborStage #5:

Denial, OUCH! Why didn’t anyone warn me about labour?! It’s probably not a good idea to be tired at the start of labour. Ok, good plan. I’m going to get off and just lie on the sofa for a bit instead. ‘ouch’ TERRIBLE PLAN. I mean I could always delay it by an extra day or two if it was better for him.

Mental Labour Stage #6:

I Think I’m Actually Going to Have to Do This Thanks to my uterus it looks like I probably am going to be in labour today. ‘ERR’, This is it. I’m in labour! Should I ring my mum?! I already did that. She probably thinks the baby should be here by now. Why hasn’t she phoned? Oh yeah, I switched it off. He should be home any minute now. Right, think. What things were good for during labour.

Above are what you will be feeling and probably what will go through your mind as you step into labour? The best piece of advice is to not panic and head to a hospital immediately, if you think you do not have time to go to a hospital, call your midwife immediately.

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