Male infertility and how to treat it naturally?

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Infertility is an alarming modern condition affecting more couples today than ever before. Modern research has shown that 1 out of 6 couples today experience difficulty falling pregnant. What was once seen as a woman’s problem is now known to affect men equally.

Many couples who can’t become pregnant suffer from a combination of sub-clinical conditions. These conditions can’t cause infertility on their own but in combination, they can substantially reduce a couple’s probability of conceiving.

Here are a few ways to promote male fertility levels naturally:

Minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals

Exposure to environmental toxins (in the form of industrial chemicals) both in utero and neonatally may dramatically affect male fertility. Most chemicals used in everyday life do not go through the same checks medicines do. Consequently, poisonous chemicals end up circulating in our environment, food supply, air and water.

The top 6 environmental toxins to avoid:

  1. Pesticides
  2. Formaldehyde: found in air fresheners, deodorants, floor polish, upholstery cleaners
  3. Bisphenols: found in plastic containers and can leach into food and water.
  4. Organic solvents: petroleum based liquids found in household products, electronics, car repair, health care, photography, agriculture, printing, construction and cosmetics.
  5. Dry-cleaning chemicals
  6. Paint fumes

Note: Occasional exposure to one or the other toxic chemical is not of concern. What is of concern is accumulation of these chemicals over a long period.

What you should eat?

Organic meat in small quantities. Ex: small deep sea fish like sardines and red snapper.

Whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit in season, organic where possible.

Increase your consumption of good fats and avoid dangerous fats. Good fats include fats in olive oil, polyunsaturated fats in oily fish and nuts and fatty acids found in coconut oil.

For cooking, use clarified butter (ghee) or coconut butter (without flavor) as they do not become unstable when heated.

Avoid dangerous fats

Consuming Tran’s fats hidden in foods such as, doughnuts, chips, fries, fast food may increase your risk of infertility by as much as 70 percent.

Allow yourself 120 days before trying to conceive

There is a common misconception that egg and sperm quality cannot be improved. In fact, it is possible to improve the quality of your egg and sperm. However it takes 120 days. This is because it takes approximately 120 days for eggs to mature and sperm to develop. This is why it’s crucial to follow a good preconception plan for a minimum of 4 months before conception. A baby is a 50-50 product of his or her parents, therefore optimizing the quality of eggs and sperm is of great importance.

Avoid coffee, smoking

You may not want to hear this, but drinking coffee decreases fertility. A study found that, as little as 1 cup of coffee per day increases the risk of not conceiving by 55 percent. And if you have 2-3 cups per day that risk rises to 100 percent and continues to increase with an additional cup up to 176 percent. If you are a heavy smoker reduce and stop smoking to increase your fertility levels.

Take a good quality preconception and pregnancy supplement

Regardless of whether you are eating a healthy diet, you are unlikely to be getting all the nutrients your body needs for optimal fertility from your diet. This is why supplementation is important.

Getting pregnant and growing a new human being with your own reserves, requires a surplus of nutrients and energy.

Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, Omega-3 fats.Consult your doctor before you consume any of the above.

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