How to Keep Your Baby Happy During Diaper Changes

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Babies in general do not like diaper changing times. I am pretty sure mummy doesn’t love it either. But timely changing of diapers is essential for baby’s skin to be healthy and free from infections. Here are a few tips on how to keep your baby happy during diaper changes.

• Connect with him/her
Children are always more likely to cooperate with us if we connect first. Take a deep breath, get on your child’s level and connect. Comment on what he’s doing, point out that his diaper is wet. Ask if he has noticed it, this gives him an opportunity to check in with his body. (This is a good foundation block for eventual potty learning.) He also feels since you’ve connected that you’re on his side. You aren’t just pushing him around which of course would make him feel resistant.

• Be more mindful
Stay calm and connected during a diaper change models for our children rather than just rushing through it. It’s called “Mindful Diaper Change Practice.”

• Give him some respect
Babies can’t understand our words but they feel the difference when they’re treated with respect. From the time they’re infants, instead of just scooping them up, move slowly and explain what’s happening. Receptive language is about a year ahead of expressive language, so your son already understands much more than you think. And even tiny babies understand your tone of voice. If you do this from the time your baby is born, they have better associations with diaper changes and don’t build up such resistance.

• Don’t interrupt his play
Play is your baby’s work. Naturally he doesn’t want to be interrupted. Why not change his diapers standing up if it’s just wet? This will minimize the times that is necessary to ask him to lie down. So he is more likely to cooperate when absolutely necessary for messy changes. Since he may not be fully stable yet, pick a toy he likes and put it on the couch and stand him against the couch.