How to Dress Your Baby for A Good Night’s Sleep

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Babies need their required hours of sleep as this is when their body and mind grows and develops. When it comes to sleep, comfort is important as an uncomfortable baby will not be able to snooze away for hours. Below you will see a sleep chart and tips on how to dress your baby for a good night’s sleep.

Age Required Hours of Sleep Daily.


• Comfort does not mean PJ’s
Sri Lanka is not a cold country, just because you see it in a picture do not try to dress your baby in warm PJ’s for sleep unless the climate is cold. Babies don’t fall asleep when it’s warm and will wake up frequently throughout the night if dressed this way.

• Oversized or tight clothing
Don’t dress your baby in clothes that are too small or too big for her. This will make your baby fidget and feel too uncomfortable to fall asleep. Get clothes that fit her accordingly, most baby clothing shops have the age on the labels.

• Dress your baby in soft cotton socks before going to sleep
Socks on their feet will keep them warm in a comfortable manner and help them sleep peacefully for a longer time. Dress them in soft cotton socks before putting them to sleep.

• Don’t accessorize your baby’s sleep clothes
No one but you sees your baby as she’s about to go to sleep, so do not accessorize and dress your baby up for bed time. Keep it simple and comfortable.