How to Care For Your Baby’s First Teeth

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It’s never too early to start caring for your baby’s teeth. Your baby’s first tooth comes through about the age of six months, but it can start earlier or later than this. It is important to protect your child’s first teeth against decay so that adult teeth have a chance to fully develop before they come through.
Here are few steps on how to take care of your baby’s first teeth.

• Brush teeth and gums at least twice daily, in the morning and last thing at night. Use toothpaste containing at least 1000 ppm (parts per million) fluoride. (Make sure to ask your pediatrician about when you should start brushing your baby’s teeth)

• No sugar or salt (in any form) should be added to weaning foods.

• Choose healthy and nutritious food and drinks for your baby.

• Make sure to take your child for regular dental checkups.

• Take adequate calcium while you breastfeed.

• Foods containing sugar should be kept to a minimum and are best given at mealtimes.