Health Secrets for New Moms

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Being a mom takes a lot out of you. You will see yourself searching for extra energy to keep yourself going every day and you might be getting sick more often than before. This is quite normal due to the heavy work load and stress. To keep yourself, your baby and your family safe and happy, you need to be healthy. Here are a few health secrets that you could follow:

– Hit The Sack

Skimping on shut-eye really does make you vulnerable to colds. People who slept less than seven hours a night in the study were nearly three times likelier to catch a cold than those who put in eight hours of pillow time. After the baby comes, say “Yes” when family and friends offer help, then nap as much as possible, whenever possible. Putting your sleep needs first will help keep you healthy.

– Get Immunized

According to studies moms and moms-to-be are three times more likely to be hospitalized for flu etc, than other women are.  Therefore speak to your gynecologists or pediatrician and get yourself vaccinated for the betterment of your baby and you.

– Laugh It Up

A good giggle may boost activity of your body’s natural killer cells, which fight off infections such as colds and flu etc. Therefore take a break and watch something funny or hang out with friends who could really make you laugh. A happy mom is a healthy mom.

– Wear Socks

In Sri Lanka wearing socks as you sleep may not sound so great unless you are living in an area with a cold climate, but here’s why you should consider doing so. Cold feet constrict the blood vessels in your upper airway, which can reduce your defenses against respiratory viruses. Therefore keeping your feet warm while you sleep will uplift your defenses against viruses.

– Stay clean

Good hygiene is very important during pre and post pregnancy. So do take a shower at least twice a day with soap/mild shower gel and preferably hot water. Practice this on your little one as well. Wash your hands to keep them as clean as possible, especially after diapering your little one. Use hand sanitizer. It will help you avoid common illnesses as well as viruses which can be transmitted from Mom to Baby and can have serious effects.