Exercising While You Take Care Of Your Baby

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After having a baby, your body may not look exactly how you want it to. You most probably would have put on some weight and you feel tired all the time. Exercise might be the last thing on your mind. Although your mind says ‘not today’, your body definitely needs to start today. Here are a few ways to exercise while you take care of a baby.

Plus points of exercising:
• Feel better about yourself
• Be less anxious
• Have higher energy levels
• Be at a healthier weight
• Be fitter
• Reduce postnatal depression

How can I exercise with my baby?

Walking with your pram or buggy is one of the easiest forms of exercise. Getting out of the house can also help to lift your mood, and give you and your baby a change of scenery.

Get a yoga mat and head out to the garden while your baby is watching you in his/her pram. Do a couple of essential yoga stretches and breathing exercises that will help you relax and tone up. Your baby will love the fresh air and watching you.

If a gym is a necessity to your exercise schedule, join one. Make sure that you take your baby along with a reliable sitter who will be around you while you work out. This way you will be less worried about your baby’s well being.
Take a jog in the late evenings, when your partner is at home and will take care of the baby chores. Put on some music and slow jog for a good 30-45 minutes. The fresh air will ease away your stress and give you more energy for the following day.

Make exercise more than just a requirement make it a ‘need’. Try and work out at least 3-4 days a week.

Taking care of a baby is not an easy task. Along this process mothers tend to forget about themselves and concentrate only on the baby. But what you should remember is that when you stay healthy and fit, you will have ample energy to cope with all the stress and take care of your baby much better.