Dressing Your Baby Bump for Valentines

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Valentines is just around the corner! You and your partner might be planning a romantic weekend or dinner date together and you want to look great. If you are pregnant, here are a few tips to look great for your partner even with a little bundle in your belly this Valentine’s.

Glorious Baby

This figure-flattering little get-up, will surely look great. No need to accessorize too much, as this dress will speak for itself.

Image 1

Runway Queen

Looking for something a little bit longer? Try a dark or pastel colored lightweight maxi, it’s comfortable and cozy. It’ll look fabulous without weighing you down.

Image 2

Dynamite Dress

You’ll stun in this nontraditional empire waisted dress. It’s feminine, sexy and roomy enough to keep you and baby comfortable.

Image 3

Pretty in Pink & Blue

The soft pink and the bright cobalt belt are gorgeous together. So no matter if it’s a he or a she, you’ll look wonderful at dinner this valentines.

Image 4

The little black dress

Here’s what we love about black, it’s always in season and always in style, so if you’re not in the mood for red/pink, try something black. You can add accessories to brighten it up.

Image 5