7 New Year Resolutions for Mom

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We all love the clean slate of a brand new year. Whatever parenting blunders you made over the last 12 months can be fixed starting from today. Make a promise to be a more patient, present, loving, caring and imaginative parent, if you believe you could do it better this year. Here’s a list of totally doable changes you could start from today.

• Don’t Say “Don’t”
Reduce how often you use the word ‘don’t’. Instead start using phrases such as ‘please’. We believe that it’s better for your relationship to not always be the source of negative reminders. This also helps your kids understand that when you finally say the word ‘don’t’, they really shouldn’t.

• Put a Cap on Your Work Day
Your emails, clients, work gets a good 9-10 hours of your day. Therefore when you finally get home, give all your time to your kids and family. Make a habit of it.

• Make One Dinner
If you are a parent of a toddler, preschooler you must be used to cooking two meals, one for your kids and one for adults. Instead of doing this make one meal that fits the whole family. This will let you save a bit more time to take care of yourself after a long day of work.

• Go Green
Become a more nature friendly person and pass this onto your kids. Start using recycled bags/boxes etc. for your daily needs. And start eating more veggies as a family.

• Make Exercise More Than Just a Requirement
Make it your goal to lose all that baby fat this year. Make exercise more than just a requirement. Start making your time for exercise a need and a goal of your day.

• Wife & Mother
Make a promise to not give all your time to being just a good mom but make sure to save some of it to share with your supportive Husband. Giving your children a good example of a healthy and loving marriage will help them feel secure, confident, and blessed.

• A Little more Patience
Every mommy probably makes this promise, to be more patient with kids and then forgets about it when a hard day at work and home gets to them. Try and really work on being more patient with your kids this time around. If you really cannot, take five rather than yell at your kids.

Information sourced by: http://www.parents.com