5 Ways Your Children Benefit From Having Chores

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Many parents start off with good intentions when it comes to chores and their children. They make “chore charts”, sit down with their children and explain how to tackle each chore step by step. It doesn’t take long to figure out that a small child isn’t going to complete the job with the same perfection and success that you are and that’s when the chores slowly start to fall back into your lap. As parents what you need to understand is that the actual chores are not what’s important here, it’s the huge benefits that come from being given such responsibilities.

Here are 5 fantastic benefits to giving children household chores.

– Children Who Have Chores Are More Successful As Adults

Research has revealed that children succeed more if they begin helping with household chores at age 3 to 4. These children are less likely to get into bad habits and have better relationships with their parents and individuals everywhere.

– Hands On Movement Will Help The Child With Fine Motor Skills

There are so many opportunities for small children to work with their hands around the house. Helping in the kitchen by measuring ingredients or drying dishes, helping in the garden by raking dirt or pulling weeds and even chores such as dusting or sweeping are great for motor skills. There are also opportunities to incorporate math or reading into chores. Ex: Tell your child to count out four potatoes, or have them dust only the items that have the letter D in them. This will make it more educational and fun.

– Children Who Have Chores Learn To Work Well With Others

If you have more than one child, have them work on a chore together. If not, you can have your child complete different jobs along with you. It’s great for kids to compromise and assign themselves different roles, because it teaches them to be flexible. For example, one night you could wash the dishes and your child could rinse or dry, and then you switch roles the next night.

– Chores Give Children A Purpose

Helping do things around the house makes a child feel a sense of ownership, like he/she is an important part of the household. This shows the child that you need and appreciate his/her help, so they will want to help out on their own in the future. Kids want to feel important, and what is more important than helping the household run smoothly? They will feel like they have contributed to the well-being of the family, which in turn will build confidence and self-esteem. Children who participate in chores have been shown to be happier, even if they feel like the chore is a burden at the time.

– It Teaches Self Discipline

There are many things in life that we have to do, even if we don’t feel like doing it. It’s often said that successful people are good at doing what other people don’t want to do or couldn’t be bothered doing. They have great self discipline. It’s so important to be able to ‘show up’ in areas of your life even when you don’t feel like it. This includes school, work and even relationships. Self discipline is an essential skill required to do well in many areas of life. Chores from a tender age build discipline in children.

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